Winter Spring 2022

A Shared Belief
in the Power of Education

Beyond Borders

Home to Serve

Dr. Vonetta George returns to Antigua to make a healing difference in healthcare.

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A Shared Belief in the Power of Education

Walden’s emphasis on Education for Good® makes it a perfect fit in the Adtalem Global Education family.

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Lifelong Learner

An Unexpected Call to Action

For most families, the kitchen table is the center of the home—a place for everything from connecting over home-cooked meals to throwing the keys and mail after a long day. But for one family, the kitchen table is also a place of learning, growth, and a little healthy competition. Meet the Clarkes.

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Acts for Good

Where Kids Can Just Be Kids

Children at the Oxford Home get a revamped rec center when Walden teams up with alumnae and a current student.

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Acts for Good

Promoting Childhood Literacy

Literacy impacts every aspect of people’s lives, and the United States is facing a crisis in basic literacy.

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Partnering through a pandemic

“Walden has the resources to be able to do this—not just the human resources, but also the fiscal resources to take on projects like this and to be able to help our fellow institutions.”

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Dear Walden Community

Letter From the Provost and Chief Academic Officer

At Walden, we believe in the power of education to create lasting change

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Talks for good

Talking about challenges can lead to solutions. That’s the guiding principle behind Walden’s Talks For Good series.

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Where Are They Now

Running for Change

Jackie Moon continues to address the scourge of opiates in her community.

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Faces of

A Walden education isn’t just about earning a degree; it’s about joining a global movement to confront critical social issues and build better, stronger communities.

We’re proud to see our alumni translating their education into real-world impact, from Texas to Virginia and across the U.S.Whether they’re mentoring at-risk youth, advocating for cleaner air, or using novel technology to improve healthcare delivery, these individuals are making a tangible, life-changing difference for entire populations.This Faces of Walden series highlights the transformative work of one graduate in each of five categories:Advocate, Catalyst, Change Agent,Innovator, and VisionaryThese passionate and committed changemakers embody what it means to be a Walden graduate.We hope their stories will inspire you to harness your own voice and knowledge to make life better for those around you.


Louis Bailey Has a Vision of Environmental Justice

Louis Bailey has a vision. He sees a world where people of color and those with low income are consistently playing a key role in creating fair environmental health and protection policies and practices. A world where everyone is guaranteed the right to live well and breathe easily.

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Building Inclusive Communities

Dr. Mona Alnaeemi is empowering refugees to believe in themselves and advocate for the lives they deserve.

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Arpit Mehta

The iconic Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) has been a Pittsburgh landmark since it was built in 1886. Over a century later, Walden graduate Arpit Mehta is implementing a medication production program to help this 650-bed hospital be part of the future of medicine—and save $1.5 million (and counting).

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Change Agent

From Migrant Farmworker to Global Ambassador for Social Change

As a teenager, educator and change-maker Juniace (pronounced “ja-NYE-is”) Etienne moved from Haiti to Florida, working farm to farm picking tomatoes and bell peppers with her parents.

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A Catalyst for Positive Change

Walking through her hometown of Philadelphia, Ivy Staten-Minor sees signs of urban decay all around her. But the graffiti-covered walls and abandoned car tires don’t speak to her of hopelessness; instead, they serve as a reminder to continue being a passionate catalyst for change.

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Talks for good

Talking about challenges can lead to solutions. That’s the guiding principle behind Walden’s Talks For Good series. We bring together subject-matter experts focused on important social, racial, and equity issues and through a diversity of perspectives strive for a common goal of sustainable change good.

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