Summer/Fall 2021

Finding and building community in a transformative time.



Rita and Bernie Turner

This spring, the Walden community lost its founding members—but the Turners’ pioneering spirit and love of learning live on.

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Lifelong Learner:

Student for Life

Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi keeps learning so she can help those with addiction and mental health issues.

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Alumni Feature:

The Dinner Table Community

For most families, the kitchen table is the center of the home—a place for everything from connecting over home-cooked meals to throwing the keys and mail after a long day. But for one family, the kitchen table is also a place of learning, growth, and a little healthy competition. Meet the Clarkes.

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Acts for Good:

How Healing Happens

For educator, administrator, and Walden PhD in Education graduate Dr. Sabreen Mutawally, COVID was just one of many obstacles between her students faced in getting the care.

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Acts for Good:

Journey of the Heart

Discover how one Walden graduate is sharing his second chance with underserved communities.

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Stories for Good:

Opening New Doors

How one Walden graduate’s unique learning approach is helping people achieve their full potential

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Stories for Good:

Stopping the Spread of COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation

Walden University graduate Dr. Ulysses Labilles is using his public health knowledge to help an oft-neglected community.

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15 Years of Walden Magazine

We commemorate Walden magazine’s 15th anniversary with a look back at its beginnings—and a look forward as it takes the next steps in
its community-building tradition of sharing stories.

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Faces of

Walden alumni are creating and championing change in communities across the U.S. In this segment of our Faces of Walden series, you’ll be introduced to five Walden graduates who are making a difference in each of these five categories: ADVOCATE, CATALYST, CHANGE AGENT, INNOVATOR, and VISIONARY.

You’ll meet Dr. Anne Lee, an inventor and award-winning cybersecurity expert from Los Angeles, and Dr. Mary Hossley, DNP, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, who has spent countless hours registering thousands of older adults to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Meanwhile, in Wilmington, Delaware, Cecelia Rich is leveraging her MPA to help fight food insecurity in her community by transforming a vacant lot into a productive urban garden. And in St. Louis, Dr. Alyce Herndon has created a transformational network of female entrepreneurs, helping to build sustainable enterprises and generational wealth for communities of color.

Finally, you’ll meet Dr. Stephaun Wallace, a leading U.S. epidemiologist who has been at the forefront of the country’s COVID-19 response in Seattle. His work has helped achieve unprecedented levels of diversity in the vaccine trials, building a more equitable process to include disproportionately affected populations.

These alumni embody the Walden mission for social good; it’s our honor to share their stories with you.


Dr. Stephaun Wallace

Dr. Stephaun Wallace envisions a world where high-quality healthcare is accessible to all. And every day, this Walden PhD in Public Health graduate takes steps toward that more equitable future, most recently as a leading epidemiologist at the center of COVID-19 vaccine development in the United States.

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Dr. Anne Lee

Dr. Anne Lee is a leader in cybersecurity, helping to defend the United States from cyberthreats. Her innovative work in the field recently earned her the designation of Cyber Architect of the Decade by the International Association of Top Professionals. But she wasn’t always on this path.

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Change Agent:

Cecelia Rich

“There were so many years of people telling me what I can’t do. Walden told me that I could. Walden gave me the tools to do it and be successful.”

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Dr. Alyce Herndon

Over the past five years, Dr. Alyce Herndon has worked with more than 600 women to pivot and grow their enterprises by strengthening skills and sharpening strategies. She’s well positioned to give sound advice; after all, she has been defying barriers and reshaping the status quo for decades.

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Dr. Mary Hossley

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Mary Hossley ’18, DNP, and her daughter began a mission of community outreach. From their hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, they sewed 2,000 masks and sent them to whomever they heard had need.

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