Winter/Spring 2021

Creating hope, community, and lasting change during transitional times.

Last year at this time, we were starting to celebrate Walden’s 50th anniversary of delivering Education for Good. Then began all the challenges that will forever define 2020.

Social Work for Social Change

Retired Walden board member and social work pioneer Dr. Barbara Solomon reflects on a groundbreaking career.

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Lifelong Learner:

Field of Dreams

Dr. Joe Horton’s experiences with racial injustice planted the seed for a lifetime of learning.

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A Helping Hand

Walden University is supporting schools adapting to online learning.

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Walden’s Center for Social Change Gives Voice to Diverse Stories.

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Spotlight on / Alumni Feature

Desmond Pittman

When Pittman started his teaching career 10 years ago in North Houston, many of his students—who were only a year or two younger than he was—had already been in and out of jail.

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Alumni Feature:

Frances Bailey

“I used to feel broken,” says Frances Bailey ’20. “Now, I know that I was never broken. I was blessed. And I’m proud I have the opportunity to bless others.”

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Beyond Borders

Feeding the Hungry

Dr. Adeniyi Odugbemi ’17 is protecting global health through food safety and education.

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In the Field:

From Zika to Coronavirus

Dr. Aimee Ferraro is educating Peru’s most vulnerable populations.

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Spotlight on:

Anna Slayton

When FEMA put out a nationwide call in March 2020 looking for medical workers willing to battle COVID-19 on the front lines in New York City, Walden nursing student Anna Slayton knew she had to go.

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Faces of

Around the country, from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Walden grads are leveraging their education and personal experiences to make a difference in their communities. Whether they’re working to close achievement gaps for students of color, opening new horizons of opportunity for children raised in foster care, ensuring students have access to feminine hygiene essentials, or serving courageously on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, these Walden alumni are truly using their education for good.

This series showcases the inspiring and world-changing work of Walden graduates in each of these categories: ADVOCATE, CATALYST, CHANGE AGENT, INNOVATOR, and VISIONARY. We hope their achievements and stories will not only inspire you but also remind you of the power of education to empower the greater good and create social change.


Dr. Kay Ramsey

Born into the foster care system and adopted at age 3 by a single mother who later passed away, Dr. Kay Ramsey ’17, PhD in Public Policy and Administration, understands the potentially devastating effects of an unstable youth.

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Dr. Elesia Glover

The term “period poverty” may be unfamiliar to many. But for Dr. Elesia Glover ’18, PhD in Public Policy and Administration, the issue ignited outrage—and a mission to help girls access the feminine hygiene products they need to stay in school.

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Dr. Jamar Shaw

“The most powerful gateway drug isn’t marijuana—it’s tragedy,” says Dr. Jamar Shaw ’18, Master of Public Health (MPH). “We find that depression and addiction walk hand in hand.”

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Change Agent

Dr. Reagan Romali

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Walden,” says Dr. Reagan Romali ’11, PhD in Education. “In every class, there was an agenda of equitizing outcomes and understanding social justice. It was expected that we as students would become leaders who would then go out into the world and implement social change.”

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Dr. Denise Prudencio

After earning his Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in 2019, Dr. Denise Angelo Prudencio flew west to join Sacramento’s medical system as a nurse educator. Little did he know he’d soon be guiding staff through one of the biggest health crises this country has ever faced.

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Talks for Good: A Vehicle for Social Change

Creating viable solutions to today’s educational challenges starts with having courageous conversations. That’s the philosophy behind Talks for Good, part of Walden’s larger Mobilize for Good initiative that was launched in conjunction with the university’s 50th anniversary.

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